20 Something

In less than a month I will be twenty-five. This has been weighing heavily on my mind since I turned twenty-four.  When I graduated high school I had my ten-year plan set out for me.  I was going to graduate college in four years, right out of college get a job producing my own documentaries for a local company and begin traveling the global shooting the various cultures and landscapes.  At twenty-five I was going to be sitting in my edit bay back from Africa or Russia.  Nobody told me college was going to be the turning point in my life and I took a drastic dive.

I ran on a scholarship for the University of South Dakota maintained my grades and then I met my dear friend, beer.   I dabbled with it in high school but we were too busy hiding from our parents and the cops to really indulge in parties.  College brought about frats, house parties and dorm room mixers.  I can only blame myself for not being smarter about my choices.  My priorities changed and I learned a lot from that teetering seesaw.  I graduated after five years of schooling and running with a descent GPA and a not so fabulous running career.  To be honest, I learned a lot from those first few years.  I learned procrastination is never a solution, you have to work extremely hard to get ahead of the pack, but mostly I learned who I want to be.  I am not a party animal, I do not enjoy slacking through life and I will never put my dreams in the attic.

After college I took a summer to figure out what I wanted to do.  I learned in those five years I want to be involved in media but I was not sure which route to take.  I had fallen in love with radio my fifth year and I do believe that is where I need to be now.  It took me a year to figure out I don’t need a ten year plan.  It is perfectly fine to plan as I go and enjoy the ride.  This past year I traveled across Europe for an entire month and toke off weekends to visit my best friends across the country.  As I continue to grow I am one thousand times grateful to my mother for letting my come back home while I continue to find my footing in this world.  There is no place I would rather be than 20 something and taking it one step at a time.

If you decide to read this tell me about your 20 something experience and how your 20’s are turning out.


Chic to Geek

I have been working for IBM as a tech support for over a year now and I have slowly found out I am not like the rest of my fellow techie’s. I find myself lost in their sci-fi lingo and oblivious to their references from their various star-whatever movies. This is much more than the sci-fi channel they have an entire culture based off physics, books, movies, clothing and language. I have been studying them this past year and have even become friends with a few of them. There are two women whom have become great friends of mine are taking me under their wings and want to educate me on the nerd ways. I have been dubbed the popular girl of the techies and it is their soul mission to transform me from chic to geek.

The first step was to broaden my literature. I do enjoy reading which earned me some respect but when I mentioned I had never heard of The Game of Thrones nor read any of the books from Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe they seemed to lose faith in me. Thus we began the IBM book club. First on the agenda is Hitchhikers, I do admit I am enthralled with it. Who knew aliens and space ships could be so addicting?

So I’m not completely enchanted with it where I stay up till 3am reading it but I don’t want to abandoned the book either. Now that my boyfriend has gone away to Germany for the next four months I have decided to geek out. I am starting with the book; I will have it read by the October. We have decided to continue the book club and we have already chosen out next book, Jurassic Park. I never watched the movies I was too terrified as a child to watch without getting nightmares. However I am not terrified of becoming a nerd, I am actually looking forward to the journey unlike Arthur Dent. Although Earth is still here and I am not being thrown through the galaxy I still have two amazing little Ford Perfects to guide me.

There is more to this Geek culture than just books. Television has brought to life the imagination of these books and amplified the sci-fi world. The Enterprise is alive and captured on your television screen. This is the second phase of my transformation, engrossing myself in the cinema and television aspect of nerdness. According to my “Arthur Dents” I should be shamed for how little I have seen. So I haven’t seen any Star Trek episodes or a Star Wars film made before 2000, I have seen Space Balls that should count for something. Starting this coming week we will be meeting for evening classes where I will be sat down and forced to watch something geeky. I should not say forced I do want to broaden my horizon I think it will be fun becoming geeky, who knows maybe I’ll learn physics too.

Stayed posted for more on my transformation from Chic to Geek.

Trashy isn’t classy

While most of the country has been going green for years its taken Vermillion a little longer to get moving.

It was only this past year that the city of Vermillion passed a recycling law.  Every residential household would pay an extra amount in their utilities in order to pay for their recycling pick up.  Each household was given two bins one for papers and one for cans and bottles.  The city garbage would pick up these bins every week and it would work just like normal garbage pick up.

Not only was the city jumping on the bandwagon and going green the recycling would help tidy up the city.  Once the snow began to melt this spring it revealed a gruesome sight.  Everything from beer cans to molding food was left in the streets, gutters, and lawns.  It looked like there had never been a recycling law and no effort had been made to make Vermillion a cleaner place.

USD sophmore Kelsey Robish said, “people tend to just lay there trash all over in their yards and stuff.  I see a lot of like cups and empty beer bottles and cans in front yards and I think we would reprecent our town more if we would just ya know show that we care by cleaning up after ourselves.”

The city of Vermillion is still new to the green phase and hopefully this next year will bring about other laws to better prevent next years trash storm.

Still divided

I don’t remember the first time I realized I wasn’t like the rest of my family.  I was adopted at birth into a white family.  My parents aren’t sure of my ethnicity, but I come from a part of Mexico that is populated with mayans.  I call myself mayan.  However I do not look mexican, or indian, or asian, or african american, or filipino.  No one can put their finger on what they think I am.  All they know is I’m different.

I have always thought I fit in to the community.  I’m well educated, I have a outgoing personality, I don’t have an accent and I don’t talk differently than my friends.  Yet, this “non-racist” community claims to be diverse and welcoming to differences, as if racism is fading and virtually doesn’t exist.  My observation is that the people who keep claiming this bogus statement are white American’s.  I can honestly say these claims are made by very naive people.  They do not know what it is like to always be asked, “what are you?” Its the same thing when I go into a new class every semester the teacher or student will use me as the example.  That they are not diverse, or that there are more and more ethnic people growing into the community.  I don’t fit in, I’m an example.

Warm-er weather in the midwest

Over spring break I traveled home to colorado and experienced what I thought was warm weather, however when I got there everyone was wearing jackets and long jeans.  I decided to enjoy the warm-er weather and wear a tube-top and jeans, while the people around me were still wearing hats and gloves.  The temperature was in the high 60’s and low 70’s.  Then I came back to vermillion, SD, and the daily temperature had risen a few degrees to the high 50’s and barely reaching the 60’s.  Yet for the past few days the local residents have been playing yard games and walking around in shorts and t-shirts enjoying the warm-er weather.

Someone’s story

I want to know what everyday people deal with day-to-day.  I believe everyone has a story that is worth hearing.  Whether it is a new mom and she is trying to take care of her new born baby, to a man who just lost his job, to the boy who’s parents died in a tragic accident.  I want people to realize there are others out there who suffer and work through their daily struggles and no one is alone.  This is what I want to write in my blogs individual’s stories, someone’s stories.  Starting with my roommates, my family members, to stories I overhear while I’m in the student center or on runs.

Hello world!

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